Meghan Markle, Mental Illness & Emotion Shaming

(tw: suicide, self harm, c-word expletives & mention of Piers Morgan) Meghan Markle’s admission of suicidal thoughts and the subsequent backlash is direct evidence of why so many people are fearful of speaking out about their mental illness. I’m belligerent today; a pregnant woman of colour has spoken out about her mental illness and peopleContinue reading “Meghan Markle, Mental Illness & Emotion Shaming”

BPD/EUPD: The Facts

(TW: Suicide, Self-harm) Happy New Year, gang. How is everyone doing? For those of us in the UK we’re in Lockdown again. It’s a funny old time isn’t it? I’m technically homeless. The house I was isolating in has been sold, and time is ticking down for me to find somewhere to live. Luckily myContinue reading “BPD/EUPD: The Facts”