Why Am I So Desperate to Settle for Mediocre Dick?

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything on here. If I’m honest I’d lost my way a little with this blog. I’d started on one track, fell onto a different one, stepped over that one to another track and then ground to a halt somewhere I didn’t feel comfortable. I lost my way. WhichContinue reading “Why Am I So Desperate to Settle for Mediocre Dick?”

Becoming A Parent

I have a question for you this Sunday: what does the term ‘Inner Child’ mean to you? For me it conjures the idea that inside of me is a living breathing child. Young Meg, around 5 years old and fairly ubiquitous. According to the Cambridge Dictionary, “Your inner child is the part of your personalityContinue reading “Becoming A Parent”

BPD/EUPD: The Facts

(TW: Suicide, Self-harm) Happy New Year, gang. How is everyone doing? For those of us in the UK we’re in Lockdown again. It’s a funny old time isn’t it? I’m technically homeless. The house I was isolating in has been sold, and time is ticking down for me to find somewhere to live. Luckily myContinue reading “BPD/EUPD: The Facts”