Depressive Episodes: They Always Start With Food

(tw: eating disorders, suicide) Do you know how I know I’m entering a depressive episode? I go vegan. Or low-carb. Or start weighing my food. Basically restrict my food in any way beyond my normal ‘safe’ foods. The only problem is, I don’t realise what’s happening whilst it’s happening. Baffling isn’t it? Whilst I’m weighingContinue reading “Depressive Episodes: They Always Start With Food”

How To Look After Your Mental Health When The World Feels Like One Big Dumpster Fire

(cw: c-word expletives, VAWG)  The UK is a massive dumpster fire at the moment. There’s widespread nationalism, creeping authoritarianism, major polarity, and looming fascism. It’s exhausting. Soul-crushing, deep-in-your-bones, depressive exhaustion. I’m finding it incredibly tough right now. I can’t switch off from the increasing inequality of gender, race and class in this country. Sometimes IContinue reading “How To Look After Your Mental Health When The World Feels Like One Big Dumpster Fire”

Meghan Markle, Mental Illness & Emotion Shaming

(tw: suicide, self harm, c-word expletives & mention of Piers Morgan) Meghan Markle’s admission of suicidal thoughts and the subsequent backlash is direct evidence of why so many people are fearful of speaking out about their mental illness. I’m belligerent today; a pregnant woman of colour has spoken out about her mental illness and peopleContinue reading “Meghan Markle, Mental Illness & Emotion Shaming”

Stop Telling Me ‘You’re Not Alone’

I know. I know. I say it. Every time I write it it gives me a funny little pang. Yet I say it because so many people do, it’s banded around like the band-aid for all. Knowing someone else feels the same doesn’t make me feel any better, what so ever. Talking to someone whoContinue reading “Stop Telling Me ‘You’re Not Alone’”

Sense of Smell and Grief

(cw: Grief) I had a new experience with grief yesterday. Smell. I was having a horrible day, and social media was making it worse so I decided to step away from my phone and computer and tackle some jobs that needed doing here. For those that don’t know I am currently living in my lateContinue reading “Sense of Smell and Grief”