30 Things I’ve Written in My Notes App When Drunk

I’ve got years worth of notes on my phone: writing ideas, workouts, shopping lists etc. I go through them occasionally to see if I’ve got some good writing ideas to use. To be honest, it’s predominantly a load of bollocks. Mainly because these ‘ideas’ come when I’m three parts cut. So why not share theContinue reading “30 Things I’ve Written in My Notes App When Drunk”

Let’s Get Down to It

So y’all love my chat about sex, huh? My post about jumping in between the sheets has blown up. So seems like people love reading about getting down to it. Well, dear reader, I’ve got many more tales of my past to share with you. I promise in due course, I’ll drop many a specificContinue reading “Let’s Get Down to It”

Fire Sign in the Water

If I had to work to strict writing deadlines I’d be fucked. I’ve started and not finished about 3 posts. Partly because I’m a perfectionist, but mainly because I’ve got writers block. I’m pretty exhausted most days from surfing (and drinking copious amounts of wine). So, apologies dear reader, this is just a little update.Continue reading “Fire Sign in the Water”

Glossing Over the Intimate Details

I’m sat eating alone in a restaurant. I feel so warm and happy. I remember reading Cosmo (or the like) when I was younger. It gave advice on how to be an ‘independent woman’ and it said ‘Take yourself out for dinner. Do it. Eat alone.’ Like it was something utterly rebellious for a womanContinue reading “Glossing Over the Intimate Details”

Bilbao, The Day-Drinkers and The Brit-In-Awe

(from 20th October – pre-camino) I cannot get over how many people day drink here. Quite frankly, I fucking love it. However, I am not partaking because I (sadly) am a British-Day-Drinker which means once we start we don’t stop and get utterly blottoed come 7pm. Disgracing ourselves and sending that fateful ‘u up?’ textContinue reading “Bilbao, The Day-Drinkers and The Brit-In-Awe”

Slap My Ass and Call Me a Romantic

Fuck. I love swearing. I love laughing ‘til my stomach hurts. I love pasta. I love sleeping in a car as rain hits the windshield. I love McDonalds. I love peace and quiet. I love really messy raves. I love group hangovers post messy rave. Another thing I bloody love is romantic ideals. Peeling offContinue reading “Slap My Ass and Call Me a Romantic”

10/10 an impulsive decision

I’m sick. Not in the colloquial ‘I’m-cool/amazing/youthful-enough-to-use-this term’ sense. In the traditional Oxford Dictionary definition sense.  Sick. /sɪk/ Adjective. affected by physical or mental illness. My brain is broken you see, it lies to me, it tries to get me to hurt myself. Sometimes it succeeds. In fact, my brain is not just sick butContinue reading “10/10 an impulsive decision”