“What am I doing with my life?”

(cw: a lot of f*cking swearing) Well, what the fuck are you doing with your life? I’m writing this at midnight because I can’t sleep and I have to be up at 7am to pick up a van to start my move. What am I doing with my life? Right now, I should be asleepContinue reading ““What am I doing with my life?””

How To Date When You’re an Alcoholic

How do you date when you’re an alcoholic? I’ve drank and dated for years. I’ve slept with more people drunk than I have sober. In fact I haven’t had sober sex since I was 26. I’m now 30. My body count has gone up by at least 20 in that time. If not more. SoContinue reading “How To Date When You’re an Alcoholic”

Sense of Smell and Grief

(cw: Grief) I had a new experience with grief yesterday. Smell. I was having a horrible day, and social media was making it worse so I decided to step away from my phone and computer and tackle some jobs that needed doing here. For those that don’t know I am currently living in my lateContinue reading “Sense of Smell and Grief”

Cry Me a Fucking River

7 days sober. I’m fine. I’m totally fine and I don’t mean fine as in Ross Geller two batches of Margaritas down ‘fine’. I’m. Just. Fine. If I think about my lack of swinging emotions so much then anxiety does start to bubble up. Fine, for me, is neutral. It’s just ‘it was it is’Continue reading “Cry Me a Fucking River”

The 100,000

I’ve woken up today with such a weight. A hundred thousand lives lost to COVID. 100,00 so far. That’s a hundred thousand funerals. That’s a hundred thousand people who died without family or friends by their side. They died surrounded by amazing healthcare professionals, in all blue; their faces and skin covered. We can’t fathomContinue reading “The 100,000”

Yet Another Rock Bottom

Addiction is Fucking Ugly. I’ve been drinking again. Heavily. I’ve not been sleeping. Until yesterday I hadn’t brushed my teeth in 4 days. Hadn’t showered in 6. Did it matter when I wasn’t seeing anyone? Except the Deliveroo driver, or the people in Tesco. 2m distance and all. Every morning, for the brief waking ‘sober’Continue reading “Yet Another Rock Bottom”

I’m Struggling.

Happy Inauguration Day! Finally, after 4 years of “The Donald” he is no longer president. However, we’re not out of the woods yet. Just because he’s no longer in charge doesn’t mean his brand of politics (fascism) is over. He is a product of wider problems; of racism, nationalism, and misogyny – to name justContinue reading “I’m Struggling.”

Becoming A Parent

I have a question for you this Sunday: what does the term ‘Inner Child’ mean to you? For me it conjures the idea that inside of me is a living breathing child. Young Meg, around 5 years old and fairly ubiquitous. According to the Cambridge Dictionary, “Your inner child is the part of your personalityContinue reading “Becoming A Parent”

Let’s Talk Break-Ups

It’s Wednesday! Does it even matter! What is time anymore?! I’m on the home straight to be free from isolation. Luckily, no symptoms have manifested, but we aren’t out of the woods yet. Keep your fingers crossed, kids. Today I want to talk about break-ups, and not in the sense you may think: I wantContinue reading “Let’s Talk Break-Ups”

Self-Isolation & Why I’m Holding Wine in my Instagram

Happy Sunday Campers! How are we all? Hope you’re staying positive and testing negative. The NHS slid into my DMs last night with an order to self-isolate. For my non-UK readers, it means my phone (and me) have been within a certain distance of someone who has tested positive for coronavirus and so I nowContinue reading “Self-Isolation & Why I’m Holding Wine in my Instagram”