Stop Telling Me ‘You’re Not Alone’

I know. I know. I say it. Every time I write it it gives me a funny little pang. Yet I say it because so many people do, it’s banded around like the band-aid for all. Knowing someone else feels the same doesn’t make me feel any better, what so ever.

Talking to someone who understands what I am going through is a different kettle of fish. That’s common understanding and tangible to me. However, informing me that Steve from Tampa Bay is also feeling anxious just makes me feel bad for Steve, it doesn’t stop me sitting here riddled with anxiety in rainy old England. If I linked with Steve, that’s a different story.

It also makes me consider, the fact I am not alone in how I feel, the fact there are many people who feel how I feel, why aren’t we getting the help we need? There are so many of us who are anxious, depressed, have diagnosed disorders, have undiagnosed disorders, suicidal, psychotic, amongst many other troubling mental health conditions. Stop telling us we’re not alone, when we feel very bloody alone. Very bloody alone together. We can connect and link and chat and all of that, yet until we get the support we need from those in positions of power and funding we aren’t going to get any better.

Imagine saying to someone with a broken arm ‘you’re not alone’ – okay grand. Many people break their arms, however what heals any of those arms is the multitude of health care staff who examine, x-ray, bandage/cast, check-up etc. not the knowledge that they aren’t the only ones with a broken arm.

I know I’m not alone in how I feel, but I am alone from the support I need. That is why I am starting to build a campaign to bring help to more people. We need help, not just to be told we are one of many. I know I am not alone in how I feel and that is why I am fighting for everyone else, who are told they are not alone, to be able to access the proper support.

So, please, stop telling me ‘you’re not alone’. It’s only highlighting how many of us are being left in the dark to deal with how we are feeling. We feel alone and we can’t get better alone. Notice how many of us are being ‘left alone’ from the support we so desperately need. Please continue to follow me on my socials (links in top right corner) and on here to keep up to date with the upcoming campaign, and how you can help others no longer truly be alone.

2 thoughts on “Stop Telling Me ‘You’re Not Alone’

  1. Yes, seeing it written doesn’t do much in that desperate moment. Nor does hearing it over the phone. I miss a squeeze of the hand. Something tangible. This pandemic has robbed us of tangible comforts. It’s been going on before lockdown, ie your friends saying you’re not alone when emotionally, you very much are. Very hard for people who feel drastically, or take on the feelings of others when they release them and hold them for an uncomfortable period of time. Definitely not a great time to be an open wound.

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