‘New Year New Me’ Can Fuck Right Off

We’re coming to the end of the toughest year of many of our lives. Firstly, con-grat-u-fucking-lations you’ve made it this far. However you managed it, you’ve smashed it.

Now, the idea that because the Earth has completed another rotation around the Sun we need to ‘shed’ our old selves and become a totally new person is fucking nuts. Writing a litany of resolutions: 2-stone lighter, quit smoking, drink less, eat less, more green juice, sleep more, meditate, run a marathon, save a baby from a burning building, write a series of best-selling novels…yadda yadda yadda. A litany of resolutions that don’t tend to last more than a week (at most), and thus triggering our ‘failure’ response and perpetuating a shame cycle. When it was pressure and shame that forced us to take on such unrealistic plans in the first place.

Do you know where that pressure and shame originally came from? Capitalism. Capitalism and Companies. Companies that have spent the last few months profiting off selling you all types of food and alcohol is now capitalising on the fact that we should feel shame for that overindulgence – when they encouraged it in the first place.

Now, you know I am a champion of growth and self-improvement. Of course I am. I want you to live your best life. However, you are not going to live your best life when you allow external pressures to determine how you should be living. January 1st is just another fucking day. It means fuck all.

Change and growth happens slowly, it isn’t linear and a date on a bloody calendar has absolutely no bearing on it. You do not need to throw yourself out with your Christmas tree and remerge into a brand-new person. Who you are is just fine, it’s bloody great in fact. You’re currently surviving through a pandemic. And Guess what? That pandemic doesn’t give a damn about it turning 2021. It’s still going to be here, and you’re going to need ‘2020-you’ to keep you going through said pandemic – they have some good experience in it.

So fuck this ‘New Year, New Me’ bullshit. You keep doing you, keep growing at that steady pace. If you are worried about your drinking, drug use, weight etc. speak to a professional and get a long-term plan in place with support. Don’t just try and quit everything cold turkey on January 1st. It isn’t sustainable and you’ll just feel worse when you don’t keep it going past January 6th.

Do not buy any ‘quick fix’ shit companies are trying to sell you. They actually make more money when you don’t succeed. ‘How?’ you ask. Well, the more times you ‘fail’ and blame yourself and not the product the more times you’ll go back and purchase said product. Especially if some bikini-clad babe on Instagram claims her washboard abs are down to some type of tea/pills/detox/30-day ab workout and not a carefully curated meal plan, a fucking good personal trainer, oh and some mighty fine genetics – not even mentioning the photoshop, lighting, angles, make-up etc.

If your email inbox, or Instagram feed is filling up with adverts shaming you for who you are – because that’s what they are doing, they are making millions off your insecurities – Unsubscribe. Unfollow. Find accounts that promote growth and self-love (like mine). Hell, even switch your damn phone off for a bit. Watch Netflix. Avoid TV adverts. Mute words on twitter. Whatever it takes. Don’t let anyone make anything off you doubting yourself. Life is tough enough right now; it doesn’t need to get any harder.

So yeah, fuck ‘New Year New Me.’

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