Dear Meg,

I’m writing to you from a place of mental clarity. A time when you feel good. You feel in control and have a positive outlook on life. I know you’re not always in this place, and that’s okay. I want to write you a letter from here, for when you’re not, to know it’s always here for you to come back to when you’re ready, and how to get back here safely.

Not all days are good. Not all days are bad.

We’re working on our self. Don’t let go of that feeling. The discomfort is growth. Feeling bad is fleeting, feeling good isn’t permanent but you go between both numerous times in a week – let alone how much in a lifetime. Don’t set up camp in the bad-self. Still keep that focus; it will pass.

Interact more with art. Write. Write like your life depends on it. Some days will be so bad you can’t, and that’s okay, but you’ve got to try. Just pick up the pen and notebook. Write whatever comes to mind. Scribble. Draw. Anything to do with creativity. If it feels too much, do it only for 5 minutes. You’ll be amazed when an hour has gone by without realising.

We all have those days, but don’t let it become weeks. You always feel better after a walk, despite protestations. Go for a walk, even if it’s to buy snacks and climb back into bed. 9 times out of 10 you don’t even get back into bed.

When everything is overwhelming, break it down. Break it down to 5 minutes at a time. You don’t have to meditate, surf, exercise, do yoga, work and be social every single day. That’s not you, and it drains you. You do it with an unyielding pressure on yourself to be something you’re not. If you didn’t do it yesterday, do it today. Or if you did do it yesterday you don’t have to do it today. Fuck what everyone else is doing. They are doing what they want, and if you can’t handle that pace, that’s fine. We’re working on you. We’re not trying to make you someone else.

Life is full of nuances. Some days are dark, and miserable, and existence seems pointless. Other days the sun shines, the world opens up, the work flows and you’re flying high. Some days you’ll believe you’re destined for success. Some days you’ll mock that positivity and be embarrassed you ever dared to dream.

Only you can move through the bad. Sitting with your emotions is better than ignoring them. Remember we are trying to resolve our trauma, not shy away from it. It’s uncomfortable. I’m sorry you have to take the burden of moving through the pain and discomfort. We are one and the same though. Despite you feeling like I am an alien life form right now. Thank you, for handling those days. Working through the emotions that arise, even if it is with Netflix and sleep.

It’s teamwork. I’m here to encourage and remind you, keep facing those emotions when they arise. It’s progress. You are strong and able to do this. Your ability to deal with the sad times enable the good times. It’s admirable and I’m so proud of you. Keep going. Think how far we’ve come in the last few months? Slow and steady is winning the race.

One thing I need to implore upon you. Stop pressurising yourself. Stop it. Your job is just to ride through these emotions. Let me do work, catch up on emails, editing, photos, and the blog. You don’t need to take that burden as well. Sure, work if you feel able, what I’m saying is if you don’t feel able, then don’t. I’ll get to our to-do list later.

Lastly, thank you. Thank you for the work you’re doing, I know it doesn’t feel like that now. I mean work on us, not business work. Without you we wouldn’t be us. The good days are getting more frequent, the deepest depths of darkness have been much shallower. We like our self more and more as each day goes by. Which is a splendid feeling. Thank you.

I know right now is rough, but ride through it kid and I’ll be waiting on the other side.



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