Bilbao, The Day-Drinkers and The Brit-In-Awe

(from 20th October – pre-camino)

I cannot get over how many people day drink here. Quite frankly, I fucking love it. However, I am not partaking because I (sadly) am a British-Day-Drinker which means once we start we don’t stop and get utterly blottoed come 7pm. Disgracing ourselves and sending that fateful ‘u up?’ text at 4-fucking-PM.

Big up to the Old Boy who very carefully selected which glass of red wine he wanted at 9am. The fact it’s in a cute backstreet Spanish bar/café makes it ten times classier than the same event in a W*atherSp*ons.

I am currently in Bilbao at the Mercado de la Ribera, realising I remember a lot more Spanish than I realised. I am surrounded by many Spanish couples and friends, and when I say all of them, I mean ALL of them are having an alcoholic drink. I’ve been here since 10am, and not one person has not been on the sauce. Oh, except me, café con leche for me.

The Mercado de la Ribera is my literal heaven. It’s a food market on the river in Casco Viejo (the old town district) of Bilbao, as you enter there are multiple little bars all selling the sauce and with the most incredible pintxos I have ever seen. You see, in the basque region of Spain they don’t do tapas they do ‘pintxos’ (which I have just learnt about -everyday’s a school day an’ all). As a bread-loving brit, these are just the greatest culinary delights ever. They are slices of crusty bread topped with a plethora of tastes. Currently I am chomping on crusty bread topped with beef tomato (the best thing ever), slices of mozzarella and serrano ham sprinkled with some kind of herbs that are making it hard not to moan in the middle of the market. They have a pintxos which is a larger slice of crusty bread topped with marinated rib, that looks akin to a wheel of pork belly drenched in glistening gravy.

That ones on my to-do list. As is learning how to day drink like Bilbao.

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